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The Proposal - M.C.Q. (Mock Test - 03)

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Proposal - M.C.Q. (Mock Test - 03)

Mock Test - 03

Best wishes and congratulations to all of you on BARICK ACADEMY.

This MOCK TEST section has been started at the request of all the followers.

This section asks questions of MOCK TEST separately from Anton Chekhov’s The Proposal. In this one-act play Chekhov satirizes wedding conventions among Russian landowners in the nineteenth century. Twenty-five-year-old Natalya Stepanovna and thirty-five-year-old Ivan Vasilevitch Lomov's characters are so sick of each other that they think they won't have a "honeymoon phase."

Usually, the beginning of a relationship is all fun and romance and flirting but the beginning of this relationship is all fights and arguments and name-calling! If these two behave like this at the beginning of the relationship, think about how they can treat each other in five or ten or twenty years!

Lomov obviously feels some pressure to get married; He comments that he is “already 35 years old” at a critical age, and he hopes to start a “quiet and regular life” with a wife. Lomov also said he did not have time to "find the ideal love or find true love". If she waits and hopes, it may be too late to marry her soon. He does not propose to Natalya because he loves her - not even because he particularly likes her - because she’s “a nice housekeeper, bad-looking, not well-educated” and so on. He seems fit and it is certainly good enough for him.

However, Chekhov asks, what should it be? Instead of calming him down, talking to him actually increases Lomov's sense of illness and his heartbeat. She hopes that her life will improve through marriage but it starts to decline quickly - and they are not married yet!

Chekhov thus expresses the idea that we cannot look to marriage to make us happy; we must find happiness. Moreover, we need to get married for a better reason than our financial situation or class improvement; we should get married because we are really suitable for our partner. And they should be the same as we are.

However, the MOCK TEST consists of a total of 15 questions and each question has a time of 20 seconds. Results will be shown after completion of TEST.

So everyone is sincerely requested to complete the MOCK TEST with utmost patience and verify their knowledge.

The Proposal

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