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The Proposal - M.C.Q.

The Proposal by Anton Chekhov

The Proposal - M.C.Q. (Class - XII)

M.C.Q. (Marks – 01)

1. Lomov wears - (a) ordinary dress (b) apron (c) gorgeous dress (d) long dress

Answer: (c) gorgeous dress

 2. Chubukov is a- (a) landowner (b) stall owner (c) dog owner (d) ship owner

Answer: (a) landowner

 3. In his style of dress, Lomov is- (a) informal (b) formal (c) non-formal (d) all the above

Answer: (b) formal

 4. Chubukov is Lomov's - (a) friend (b) relative (c) neighbour (d) foe

Answer: (c) neighbor

 5. When Lomov enters Chubukov's house, Chubukov is - (a) displeased (b) glad (c) painful (d) indifferent

Answer: (c) neighbor

 6. Lomov borrows money from Chubukov - (a) once (b) twice (c) more than twice (d) always

Answer: (b) twice

 7. "spit it out!" this expression means - (a) just take it (b) just say it (c) just leave it (d) just listen to a) sin

Answer: (b) just say it

 8. Actually Lomov comes to Chubukov to ask the hand of his-(a) daughter (b) sister (c) niece (d) maid

Answer: (a) daughter

 9. "Say it once more I did not hear it all!" This speech suggests that Chubukov is- (a) pleased (b) very pleased (c) unhappy (d) worried

Answer: (b) very pleased

 10. The nickname of Natalya is- (a) Natasha (b) Nancy (c) Nathula (d) Nathaniel

Answer: (a) Natasha

 11. "I've been hoping for it for along time" Here 'it' refers to - (a) asking for money (b) refund of money (c) marriage proposal (d) palpitation

Answer: (c) marriage proposal

 12. Before giving marriage proposal to Natalya, Lomov feels he is in- (a) the Oxen Meadows (b) a ball dance party (c) the birchwood, (d) an examination hall

Answer: (d) an examination hall

 13. Lomov thinks if he waits for real love, he will - (a) never get married (b) get well suit (c) get cured (d) never get excited

Answer: (a) never get married

 14. Natalya is - (a) little educated (b) well-educated (d bad-looking (c) illiterate

Answer: (b) well-educated

 15. Lomov suffers from - (a) indecisions (b) palpitations (c) breathing trouble (d ) weight loss

Answer: (b) palpitations

16. Before giving his proposal to Natalya, Lomov feels - (a) lunatic (b) smart (c) excited (d) nervous

Answer: (c) excited

 17. During sleep, Lomov feels a pull - (a) ten times (b) twenty times (c) fifteen(d)thirty five times

Answer: (b) twenty times

18. Chubukov introduces Lomov to Natalya as a - (a) player (b) neighbour (c) merchant (d) suitor

Answer: (c) merchant

 19. Coming to meet Lomov, Natalya informs him that she was - (a) shelling peas (b) cooking (c) planting peas (d) baking peas

Answer: (a) shelling peas

 20. At the time of meeting, Natalya offers Lomov - (a) dinner (b) breakfast (c) lunch (d) cold water .

Answer: (c) lunch

 21. When Natalya offers Lomov lunch, Lomov - (a) accepts it (b) gets pleased (c) rejects it (d) gets angry

Answer: (c) rejects it

 22. The day on which Lomov meets Natalya, the weather is - (a) splendid (b) stormy (c) humid (d) wet

Answer: (a) splendid

23. The day before Lomov meets Natalya was - (a) gloomy (b) rainy (c) wet (d) dry

Answer: (c) wet

24. Natalya informs Lomov that she felt so greedy that, she had - (a) no field cut (b) sold her land (c) the whole field cut ( d) the half field cut

Answer: (c) the whole field cut 

25. Noticing Lomove's evening dress, Natalya thinks that Lomov is going to - (a) a magic show (b) a wedding party (c) a ball (d) a birthday party

Answer: (c) a ball

26. Lomov says that he knows the family of Natalya - (a) since boyhood (b) since childhood (c) long since ( d) for a few years

Answer: (b) since childhood

27. The mother of Natalia is -(a) alive (b) away (c) dead (d) none of the above

Answer: (c) dead 

28. According to Lomov, the Lomovs and the Chubukovs are always -(a) rival (b) critical (c) quarrelsome (d) friendly

Answer: (d) friendly 

29. The land which is of dispute between the Lomov and Chubukov is - (a) brickfield (b) birchwoods (c) Burnt Marsh (d) Oxen Meadows

Answer: (d) Oxen Meadows 

30. The grandmother of Lomov's aunt gave the free use of Oxen Medows to the Chubukov-(a) forever (b) forty years (c) for thirty years (d) for forty five years

Answer: (b) forty years 

31. In exchange of Oxen Meadows, the peasant, according to Lomov, made - (a) pots (b) troughs -(c) tiles (d) bricks

Answer: (d) bricks

32. The peasants belonging to the grandfather of Natalia's father had the free use of Oxen Meadows for - (a) thirty years (b) thirty three years (c) forty years (d) forty three years

Answer: (c) forty years

33. "It's simply silly" - Here it refers to the claim of - (a) dogs (b) meadows (c) present (d) bricks

Answer: (b) meadows

34. According to Natalia they have had the Oxen Meadows for - (a) 100 years (b) nearly 300 years (c) 300 years (d) 400 years

Answer: (b) nearly 300 years

35. The Oxen Meadows, according to Natalya, come to - (a)13.5 dessiatins (b) 5 dessiatins (c) 13.5 acres (d) 13 dessiatins

Answer: (c) 13.5 acres

36. The worth of oxen Meadows, according to Natalya, is - (a) about 300 roubles (b) 300 dollars (c) about 350 roubles (d) 350 dollars

Answer: (a) about 300 roubles

37. Lomov borrowed from Natalya - (a) a large ladder (b) a threshing machine (c) a sowing machine (d) a large stock of hay

Answer: (b) a threshing machine

38. On account of lending machine to Lomo, Natalya had to put off her own threshing - (a) till October (b) till November (c) forever (d) till mid-December

Answer: (b) till November

39. Natalya thinks that Lomov behaves with her in such a way that they were - (a) land grabbers (b) landless (c) gypsies (d) landlord

Answer: (c) gypsies

40. Lomov said that he never .......... anybody else's land in life. - (a) purchased (b) recorded (c) tilled (d) grabbed

Answer: (d) grabbed

41. During exchange of excited talks with Natalya, Lomov - (a) drinks more water (b) smokes many cigars (c) laughs heartily (d) does not shout at all

Answer: (a) drinks more water

42. Natalya says that she will send her.......... out of the Oxen Meadows. (a) labourers (b) guards. (c) helpers (d) mowers

Answer: (d) mowers

43. Natalya says to Lomov that he may shout himself hoarse in - (a) the Oxen Meadows (b) his own house (c) the Burnt Marsh (d) his aunt's house

Answer: (b) his own house

44. Regarding meadows, Chubukov - (a) supports Lomov (b) supports Natalya (c) does not support Natalya (d) supports Lomov's aunt

Answer: (b) supports Natalya

45. Lomov, according to Chubukov has not seen the plan of- (a) the building (b) the meadows (c) the roads (d) dogs' house

Answer: (b) the meadows

46. Chubukov is - (a) nonagenarian (b) octogenarian (c) septuagenarian (d) sexagenarian

Answer: (c) septuagenarian

47. According to Lomov Chubukov is not a good neighbour; he is a/an - (a) challenger (b) grabber (c) scavenger (d) imposter

Answer: (b) grabber

48. Lomov threatens Chubukov to take the matter of the meadows to the - (a) monster (b) local municipality (c) commune (d) court

Answer: (d) court

49. Who is a pettifogger? (a) Chubukov (b) Nastasya (c) Lomov (d) Nataya

Answer: (c) Lomov

50. ".. and not one has ever been tried for embezzlement, ..." - Here the word 'embezzlement' means- (a) chatting (b) cheating (c) banking (d) trusting

Answer: (b) cheating 

51. According to Chubukoy, Lomov's grandfather was a-(a) lawyer (b) rich farmer (c) drunkard (d) guard

Answer: (c) drunkard

52. With whom did Nastasya Mihailovna run away - (a) a businessman (b) a doctor (c) an architect (d) drunkard

Answer: (c) an architect

53. Who was Nastasya Mihailovna ? (a) Lomov's mother (b) Lomov's aunt (c) Lomov's younger aunt (d) Chubukov's sister

Answer: (c) Lomov's younger aunt

54. Who was humpbacked-(a) Chubukov's mother (b)Chubukov's mother (c) Lomov's aunt (d) Chubukov's daughter

Answer: (a) Chubukov's mother

55. In the opinion of Chubukov, Lomov's father was a -(a) gambler (b) guzzling gambler (c) backbiter (d) great singer

Answer: (b) guzzling gambler

56. According to Natalya, Lomov's aunt was a - (a) backbencher (b) backer (c) backbiter (d) backpacker

Answer: (c) backbiter

57. who was "double faced intriguer- (a) Chubukov (b) Lomov's kinswoman (c) Lomov (d) Chubukov's father

Answer: (a) Chubukov

58. "The scarecrow! - is applied to - (a) Lomov (b) Mironov (c) Nastasya (d) Chubukov

Answer: (a) Lomov 

59. "The monster!" Who is the monster referred to here? (a) Lomov (b) Natalya (c) Chubukov (d) Mirnov

Answer: (a) Lomov

60. Who is described as 'turnip-ghost' - (a) Natalya (b) Lomov's mother (c) Nastasya (d) Lomov

Answer: (b) Lomov's mother

61. To be the father of a grown-up daughter, according to Chubukov, is (a) a real problem (b) a curse (c) a burden (d) a matter of happiness

Answer: (c) a burden

62, when Chubukov runs to call Lomov back, he – (a) runs away (b) agrees (c) does not agree (d) disappears

Answer: (b) agrees 

63. After the return of Lomov, Natalya leaves her demand over – (a) Oxen Meadows (b) Guess (c) Burnt Marsh (d) Squeezer

Answer: (a) Oxen Meadows

64. "We were wrong..." Who are 'we' – (a) Lomov and Natalya (b) Natalya and Mironov (c)Lomov and Chubukov (d) Chubukov and Natalya

Answer: (d) Chubukov and Natalya

65. Lomov says that he is very strict about his - (a) discipline (b) dress (c) principle (d) landed property

Answer: (c) principle

66. Guess is the dog of- (a) Natalya (b) Lomov (c) Harness (d) Chubucov

Answer: (b) Lomov

67. The person from whom Lomov bought Guess is – (a) Natalya (b) Mirnov (c) the count (d) none of the above

Answer: (b) Mirnov

68 . Lomov paid ....... for Guess -(a)125 rubles (b) 125 pounds (c) 85 rubles (d) 85 pounds

Answer: (c) 85 rubles

69. According to Lomov Guess is a .... dog (a) first-rate (b) 2nd Grade (c) 3rd stage (d) 4th rate

Answer: (a) first-rate

70. Chubukov paid for his squeezer (a) 125 rubles (b) 80 rubles (c) 85 rubles (d) 85 pounds

Answer: (a) 125 rubles

71. According to Natalya ,the dog that has better Pedigree is – (a) squeezer (b) Guess (c) Harness (d) Chiseld

Answer: (a) squeezer 

72."...... however you forget that he's protrusive, ..". Who is overshot ? (a) Lomov (b) Guess (c) Natalya (d)Squeezer

Answer: (b) Guess

73. The son of Harness and Chisels is - (a) Mironov (b)Volchanetsky (c) Squeezer (d) Guess

Answer: (c) Squeezer

74. Lomov would not take ......squeezers for his Guess. (a) five (b) six (c) two (d) four

Answer: (a) five

75. The handsome price for squeezer, according to Lomov, may be – (a) 20 roubles (b) 22 roubles (c) 25 roubles (d) 85 roubles.

Answer: (d) 85 roubles.

76. The hunters who, according to Natalya, argue most know (a) nothing (b) the worst (c) the least (d) everything

Answer: (c) the least

 77. Natalya says that there is no need to hang Guess as he is – (a) a skeleton (b) kind (c) dead (d) half-dead

Answer: (d) half-dead

78. " he is the best dog within the district for all that,..." - whose dog? (a) Lomov's (b) Mironov's (c) Chubukov's (d) Nastasya's

Answer: (c) Chubukov's

 79. How many defects does Guess have, according to Chubukov? (a) three (b) four (c) five (d) two

Answer: (d) two

80. On the Marusinsky hunt, Guess ran neck-and-neck with - (a) the Count's dog (b) Natalya's dog (c) Mironov's dog (d) none of the above

Answer: (a) the Count's dog

81. On the Marusinsky hunt, the dog that was left behind was – (a) Lomov's (b) the Count's (c) Natasha's (d) Mironov's

Answer: (c) Natasha's

 82. According to Chubukov, Squeezer was left behind on the Marusinsky hunt due to - (a) illness (b) overeating (c) rain (d) whip

Answer: (d) whip

83. According to Lomov on the Manusinsky hunt, Squeezer was worrying (a) a beetle (b) a sheep (c) a fox (d) a rat

Answer: (d) a rat

84. On the Marusinsky hunt, all the dogs excepting Squeezer ran after (a) a sheep (b) a fox (c) a bird (d) a bull

Answer: (a) a sheep

 85. Natalya advises Lomov to catch (a) black beetles (b) cockroaches (c) rats (d) birds

Answer: (a) black beetles

86. Natalya asks Lomov to lie down on the – (a) bathroom (b) kitchen oven (c) kitchen rack (d) kitchen cylinder

Answer: (b) kitchen oven

87. According to Chubukov, Lomov is - (a) a great hunter (b) a great lover (c) not a hunter at all (d) not a catcher at all

Answer: (c) not a hunter at all

 88. Natalya advises Lomov not to go after - (a) partridges (b) foxes (c) black beetles (d) dogs

Answer: (c) black beetles

 89. Lomov calls Chubukov a 'Jesuit' because of his - (a) stubbornness (b) religion (c) idealism (d) inconstancy

Answer: (a) stubbornness

90. Chubukov says he will shoot Lomov like a- (a) fox (b) partridge (c) fool (d) swan

Answer: (b) partridge

91. Chubukov was, according to Lomov, often beaten by (a) his father (b) his mother (c) his wife (d) his aunt

Answer: (d) his aunt 

92.Natalya argues that Lomov, as a hunter, can't sit on a - (a) camel (b) fox (c) horse (d) wild beast

Answer: (c) horse

93. Chubukov wants a bullet to be put into his (a) body (b) legs (c) brain (d) head

Answer: (d) head

94. "She's willing!"- She is willing to –(a) accuse Chubukov once again (b) start an argument afresh (c) get Lomov out of her house (d) marry Lomov

Answer: (d) marry Lomov

95. "Well, that is some way to begin your family bliss!" - The word bliss means –(a) gladness (b) example (c) conflict (d) blessings

Answer: (c) conflict

96. What is the first argument over - (a) inheritance (b) hunting dogs (c) land (d) labour

Answer: (c) land

97. What is the second argument over –  (a) gifts (b) Oxen Meadows (c) estates (d) dogs

Answer: (d) dogs

 98 What label can you give the comic turn of the play?  (a) clowning (b) melodrama (c) farce (d) comedy

Answer: (c) farce

99. When Lomov arrived, Chubukov was surprised by his – (a) evening dress (b) palpitations (c) impudence (d) shyness

Answer: (a) evening dress

100, Chubukov is a – (a) landowner (b) lawyer (c) merchant (d) physician

Answer: (a) landowner

101. The name of Natalya's dog is (a) Squeezer (b) Mironov (c) Guess (d) Ivan

Answer: (a) Squeezer

 102. Lomov comes to Chubukov's house – (a) to propose to his daughter (b) for a formal meeting (c) like a good neighbour (d) to borrow money from Chubukov

Answer: (a) to propose to his daughter


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