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Leela's Friend (Textual Grammar) Questions

Leela's Friend by R.K Narayan

Textual Grammar

Leela's Friend (Textual Grammar) Questions

Mention the tenses of the following sentences:

1. Sidda was hanging about the gate.

2. Doesn't seem to be a bad sort.

3. Mr Sivasankar was unable to make his mind.

4. Let us keep him in our house.

5. I think your mother is calling you into dinner.

6. It doesn't matter.

7. I am hungry.

8. The fellow might come in at night and loot.

9. Leela had fallen asleep.

10. Let him be.

11. No she has not taken it.

12. I will be very angry with you.

13. What a rough pillow he must be.

14. Nothing can make them confess.

15. See must have dropped it in to depart sometime.

Join the sentence using participle

1. She said something. She examined his effort.

2. She stood near the rose plant. She pointed towards the moon.

3. He closed his eyes for a second. He threw the ball into the sky.

 Join using relative clause

1. Mr Shiva Shankar was standing in the front veranda. He was brooding over the servant problem.

2. Shiva Shankar was unable to make up his mind. He called his wife.

3. Sidda clutched the ball. He threw it up.

4. He stopped near the well. From there he pointed up.

5. Renew two or three letters the alphabet and could draw a kind of cat and crow. Sidda could copy none of these.

6. Sidda stood with bowed head. Leela was overjoyed to see him.


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