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Report Writing (Class – XII) WBCHSE

 Report Writing

Class – XII

Report Writing  (Class – XII) WBCHSE

    Covid-19 Awareness Drive - Report Writing

    Covid-19 Awareness Drive

    Kolkata, July 14, 2020: As the spread of COVID - 19 pandemic is on the rise, the West Bengal Government has imposed lockdown again in all containment zones with more strictness. In this regard, an awareness drive was conducted by the Jadavpur Police Station on July 13, 2020.

                Personnel from the Jadavpur Police Station along with many volunteers visited the surrounding areas with megaphone (a public address system) to make the necessary announcements. They maintained all lockdown norms which are to be obeyed by the people. They wore masks, hand gloves and moved around maintaining safe distance from one another. They announced repeatedly what people must do and what not to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. During the campaign, people were asked to take the following precautions –wearing masks, maintaining social distancing in public places, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer whenever required, not touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth without cleaning one’s hands , and staying at home as much as possible. They were also told to take bath, wash clothes and sanitize each thing carried, every time one returns home after going out. Parodies of some popular songs carrying the message of prevention of COVID - 19 were also played on the loudspeaker.  


    Amphan Cyclone - Report Writing

    Amphan Cyclone

    On the afternoon of May 20, 2020 cyclone Amphan hit the eastern coast of India and neighboring Bangladesh. In two decades it was the first super cyclone of over 150kmph. Through the districts of West Bengal such as Howrah, Hoogly, North and South 24 Parganas, Kolkata, East and West Midnapore, Nadia and East Burdwan were affected, the Sundarbans region was the worst impacted.

                According to the reports by the state government, 86 people have lost their lives in West Bengal and the financial loses amount to nearly 1 Lakh crore. 21,560 sq.km of area as estimated by the West Bengal Government has been affected in the cycle and that has impacted the lives of lakhs of people

                Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has made the declaration of an advance assistance fund of 1000 crores for the relief work.


    Teacher’s Day observation - Report Writing

    Happy Teacher's Day Celebration in Your School

    Our School celebrated Teacher’s Day on September 5, on the auspicious occasion of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday.

    A cultural function was organized by the students of class XI and XII. The function took place at the school auditorium and it began around 1 o’clock in the afternoon. The function started with a dance performance by the students of class V, followed by a musical arrangement by the school music band.

    The students of class X displayed their talents through mimicry of the teachers which, the teachers felt, was a treat to watch. The students ensured that the teachers enjoyed every minute of the event. A musical chair competition was organized for the teachers.

    The teachers were felicitated with certificate for various categories like –‘The Most Energetic Teacher’, ‘The Most Polite Teacher’, ‘The Best Dressed Teacher’ etc. the teachers were delighted by the eventful function. We celebrated the day to pay our tribute for the effort put in by our teachers towards our development.


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