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Our Runaway Kite - Textual Questions and Answers (Class - X)

 Our Runaway Kite

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Our Runaway Kite - Textual Questions and Answers (Class - X)

๐Ÿ‘‰ Our Runaway kite: Comprehension Exercise (Unit - 01)

1. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) The keeper of the Big Half Moon Lighthouse is –

(i) Aunt Easter

(ii) Father

(iii) Claude

(iv) Dick

Answer:  (ii) Father

(b) The family moved over to the mainland in –

(i) Summer

(ii) Spring

(iii) Monsoon

(iv) Winter

Answer:  (iv) Winter

(c) When asked about relations, Father looked –

(a) happy

(ii) angry

(iii) sorrowful

(iv) irritated   

Answer:  (iii) sorrowful

2. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

(a) Name of the island …………………….

Answer: Big Half Moon

(b) Age of Claude …………………….

Answer: Twelve

(c) The game played by Claude and the narrator ……………………………….

Answer: To run pirate caves and things like that.

3. State whether the following statements are True or False. Provide sentences/ phrase/ words in support of your answer.

(a) People felt that Claude and the narrator were lonesome in the island.

Answer: True

Supporting Statement: “They said, we must be so lonesome over there, with no children near us.”

(b) Claude and the narrator quarreled.

Answer: False

Supporting Statement: “Claude and I never quarreled”

(c) Nobody on the mainland had relations.

Answer: False

Supporting statement: “Everybody in the mainland had relations.”

๐Ÿ‘‰ Our Runaway kite: Comprehension Exercise (Unit - 02)

4. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) In Summer the Big Half Moon is always –

(i) lovely

(ii) unpleasant

(iii) boring

(iv) dull

Answer:  (i) lovely

(b) Back on the island, Claude and the narrator made plenty of –

(i) puppets

(ii) masks

(iii) kites

(iv) envelops

Answer:  (iii) kites

(c) The kite was patched with a/an –

(i) newspaper

(ii) letter

(iii) envelop

(iv) card

Answer:  (ii) letter

5. Complete the following sentences with information from the text.

(a) A boy on the mainland showed ……………………….

Answer: Claude how to make kites

(b) On the kite Claude and the narrator pasted …………………….

Answer: gold tinsel stars all over it and had written their names full on it

(c) Claude was standing with…………………………..

Answer: a bit of cord in his hand, looking foolish

6. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

(a) Statement: The narrator’s elbow went through the kite.

     Reason: He tripped and fell over the rocks.

(b) Statement: Claude and the narrator hurried to fix the kite.

      Reason: They wanted to send the kite up before the wind fell.

(c) Statement: The kite soared.

      Reason: The wind was glorious.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Our Runaway kite: Comprehension Exercise (Unit - 03)

7. Choose the correct alternative to complete the following sentences:

(a) A letter came for father after a –

(i) Day

(ii) Week

(iii) Fortnight

(iv) Month

Answer:  (iv) Month

(b) Father left home after quarreling with his –

(i) Brother

(ii) Sister

(iii) Aunt

(iv) Uncle

Answer:  (i) Brother

(c) Dick and Mimi discovered the kite on the top of a –

(a) roof

(ii) tree

(iii) lighthouse

(iv) light post   

Answer:  (ii) tree

8. Fill in the chart with information from the text.

(a) Person who sent the letter …………………….

Answer: Aunt Esther

(b) Name of Aunt Esther’s mother …………………….

Answer: Phillippa

(c) Total number of family members in the narrator’s family……………….

Answer: six

9. Answer the following questions:

(a) What did father find when he went back home years afterwards?

Answer: Years afterwards when father went home he found his brother had died and his sister was missing.

(b) Where did Aunt Esther live?

Answer: Aunt Esther lived hundreds of miles inland.

(c) Why did Aunt Esther turn pale?

Answer: When Aunt Esther saw the kite patched with the particular letter that she had once written to her brother, she turned pale.  

๐Ÿ‘‰ Our Runaway Kite: Grammar in Use

10. Change the following sentences into questions, as directed:

(a) Shankha lives in Alipurduar. (Information question usingwhere)

Answer: Where does Shankha live?

(b) They have gone to a picnic. (Interrogative sentence using ‘where’)

Answer: Where have they gone?

(c) I went to a school yesterday. (Simple question using ‘did’)

Answer: Did you go to school yesterday?

(d) Tia studies in class X. (Information question using ‘which’)

Answer: Which class does Tia study in?

๐Ÿ‘‰ Our Runaway Kite: Writing Activities

11. Suppose your bicycle had a sudden tyre puncture on your way to school. You have taken the cycle to a repair shop. Write an imaginary dialogue (within 100 words) between the shopkeeper and you.   

Answer: Click Here

๐Ÿ‘‰ A Clever Crow and a Fox – Moral Story

12. Write a story (within 100 words) using the given hints. Give a title to the story.

(Hints: Crow sitting on a tree –piece of meat in its beak –fox passing under the tree –wants the meat –asks the crow to sing –crow keeps meat under its feet and sings –fooled, fox leaves)


A clever crow and fox

A clever crow and a fox - story writing

After flying in the sky for a long time, a crow was very tired and was looking for rest. Suddenly he saw a big tree and sat down on a high branch of it. 

Meanwhile, the crow was hungry and brought a piece of meat from the butcher's shop. He held the piece of meat to his lips to satisfy his hunger. Just then a fox arrived. He looked at the tree, saw the crow with the piece of meat in his mouth and wanted to get it (the piece of meat). 

The cunning fox began to admire the sweetness of the crow's song and asked him to sing so that the piece of meat would fall down. The crow was no less intelligent. Guessing the intention and the outcome, the crow sang but held the piece of meat firmly under his feet.

Moral: Thinking of yourself as extra clever is the most foolish identity.


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