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Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on a two-day visit to Egypt

Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi on a two-day visit to Egypt

PM Modi meets members of Indian community in Cairo, Egypt

Saturday, Egypt: Modi arrived in Cairo on Saturday evening Indian time. He was welcomed by Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli. After 26 years, an Indian Prime Minister visited Egypt on a bilateral visit. This is also Modi's first visit to Egypt as a Prime Minister. Therefore, this visit is very significant in the bilateral relations between the two countries. On this day, a Guard of Honor was given to Modi at the Cairo airport.

On this day, Modi met the expatriate Indians. They were enthusiastic to meet the Prime Minister. They greeted the Prime Minister with a warm welcome.

According to the sources of the Ministry of External Affairs, the Prime Minister Modi will meet with Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madbouli at 8:40 PM on this day. Bilateral issues will be discussed. Only then will Modi meet the Indian diaspora living in Egypt. Since 1997, no Indian Prime Minister has visited Egypt until now. Therefore, the significance and importance of this visit is also claimed by South Block.

The Prime Minister is scheduled to meet with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Sunday. This year the President of the Mission attended the special Republic Day parade. India has had good relations with Egypt since the days of the Non-Alignment Movement after independence. However, the Egyptian President was present at the G-20 meeting in Kashmir recently. It is in this circumstances that Modi is going to have a meeting with him on Sunday. According to sources, the issue of absence may also be discussed with the two heads of state.

According to sources, the Prime Minister Modi will meet Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt at 10:20 PM on Saturday. He will also discuss with Egypt's top personalities.

During this visit, the Prime Minister will also visit the Al Hakim Mosque built in the 11th century. Modi can visit this ancient mosque by 1 pm on Sunday. After that, the Prime Minister will go to Heliopolis war cement around 2 pm. He will also pay tribute to the Indian soldiers who died in the First World War there. The dead soldiers sacrificed themselves to protect Egypt. It is a memorial, built by the Commonwealth. It is a memorial to 3799 Indian soldiers. They fought and died in different parts of Egypt during the First World War.

The two leaders will sign the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) after a meeting with the Egyptian president. There is a possibility of a joint press conference scheduled for 5:30 pm as well. There is a big announcement about the bilateral issues, according to the news from the Persian sources; the Egyptian government may hand over a part of the Suez Canal Economic Zone along the banks of the Suez Canal to the Indian industrialists. Therefore, discussions are going on between the two countries. This agreement is quite important from the commercial point of view as well as from the geographical point of view. For, the importance of the Suez Canal is still immense. Through this canal connecting the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea, 500,000 barrels of crude oil comes to India every day. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to return home from Egypt on Sunday.


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