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Leela's Friend, M.C.Q. | R. K. Narayan

Leela's Friend by R.K Narayan (M.C.Q.)

Leela's Friend, M.C.Q. (Class - XI)

 Multiple Choice Questions & answers: 1 Mark each

 1. ’Leela’s Friend’ is –

(i) a short story (ii) a drama (iii) an epic (iv) a novel

Answer: (i) a short story

2. The principal character of’ Leela’s Friend’ is

(i) Mr. Sivasanker (ii) Sidda (iii) Leela (iv) Mrs. Svasanker

Answer: (ii) Sidda

 3. In the story Leela is a –

(i) subdued character (ii) Introvert character (iii) restless, dominating character (iv) passive character

Answer: (iii) restless, dominating character

 4. Leela’s mother is by nature –

(i) skeptical (ii) pedantic (iii) superstitious (iv) introspective

Answer: (i) skeptical

 5. Sidda had vanished into the night because –

(i) he stole the golden chain (ii) he was ready to flee (iii) he was fearful about the police (iv) he was fearful about study.

Answer: (iii) he was fearful about the police

 6. Leela’s gold chain was found in –

(i) a box (ii) the locker (iii) a tamarind pot (iv) the almirah

Answer: (iii) a tamarind pot

 7. According to the inspector, a reliable witness was not –

(i) Mr. Sivasanker (ii) Leela (iii) Leela’s mother (iv) Sidda

Answer: (ii) Leela

 8. Leela insisted upon having Sidda’s company all her –

(i) reading hours (ii) working hours (iii) waking hours (iv walking hours

Answer: (iii) waking hours

 9. Leela’s box was filled with –

(i) marbles (ii) dolls (iii) books (iv) books and pencils

Answer: (iv) books and pencils

 10. Sidda said that Leela’s ball had touched –

(i) the roof (ii) the sun (iii) the moon (iv) sidda’s head

Answer: (iii) the moon

 11. Sidda was adept at controlling –

(i) God (ii) the sun (iii) the moon (iv) the sun and the moon

Answer: (iii) the moon

 12. Sidda was utterly incapable of playing the –

(i) pen (ii) pencil (iii) boat (iv) bus

Answer: (ii) pencil

 13. Leela asked her mother to tell the story of the

(i) tiger (ii) lion (iii) elephant (iv) monkey

Answer: (iii) elephant

 14. Day by day Leela clung closer to

(i) her mother (ii) her classmate (iii) Sidda (iv) her father

Answer: (iii) Sidda

 15. The police inspector came to Mr. Sivasanker’s house—

(i) with the constable and Sidda (ii) alone (iii) with his police forces carrying Sidda (iv) with Mr. Sivasanker

Answer: (i) with the constable and Sidda


16. ’ Don’t go near him’—This was said by –

(i) the police inspector (ii) Sidda (iii) Leea (iv) Leea’s mother

Answer: (i) the police inspector

 17. Leela's Friend is written by-

a) Khuswant Singh, b) O, Henry; c) R. K Narayan. d) Nandalal Bose.

Answer: c) R. K Narayan

 18. Leela was _____ years old.- a) five, b) tidy c) seven; d) less than five.

Answer: a) five

 19. Leela lost her-

a) gold chain; b) gold ring; c) nose ring; d) gold bracelet.

Answer: a) gold chain

 20. Leela had a firm belief that Sidda-

a) knew the moon b) knew the sky; c) knew God; d) once lived in the moon.

Answer: a) knew the moon

 21. Sidda was a

a) servant at Leela's house, b) a friend of Leela, c) a relative of Leela; d) companion of Leela

Answer: a) servant at Leela's house

 22) Mr.Sivasanker's first impression about Sidda was good because he appeared-

a) smart, b) tidy, c) strange, d) innocuous.

Answer: b) tidy

 23) Sidda worked before in-

a) a doctor's house, b) a farmhouse, c) a coffee house, d) a hotel.

Answer: a) a doctor's house

 24) Sidda was arrested by the police-

a) three days later, b) five days later, c) six days later, d) four days later.

Answer: d) four days later

 25) Ultimately the lost chain was found by-

a) Leela's mother b) Mr. Sivasanker. b) Leela, c) Police.

Answer: a) Leela's mother

 26. Sidda was sent away from the doctor's house because-

a) the doctor left the town, b) the doctor died, c) the doctor ill-treated him, d) he was ill-disposed.

Answer: a) the doctor left the town

 27. Sidda tried to write –

a) all English letters, b) only one letter 'B' c) two or three letters d) many languages

Answer: b) only one letter 'B'

 28. In Sivasanker's house, Sidda slept-

a) in Leela's room, b) outside the house c) on the floor of Leela's room d) in the servant's quarter.

Answer: b) outside the house

 29. Sidda was accused of

a) murdering children, b) stealing jewelry from children c) stealing kids, d) playing with Leela too much.

Answer: b) stealing jewelry from children

 30. The gold chain was dropped in the tamarind pot by-

a) Leela b) Leela's friend, c) Leela's mother, d) Leela's mother.

Answer: a) Leela


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