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Festivals of West Bengal (Paragraph, Class - XI)

Festivals of West Bengal 

Festivals of West Bengal

Festivals within the state of West Bengal is often celebrated with nice elegance and show, be it an enormous event or a small one. The Bengali year starts with the first Baisakh that is the Naba Barsho which is in mid-April. It is the beginning of a new year for this state. The day is celebrated throughout the state especially by the Bengalis. The day is marked with news clothes, flowers, and offerings at temples and visiting shops that have been decorated for this day.

The most important of the state is the Durga Puja, held in autumn. This Puja seasons is the longest holiday of the state. Diwali, the festival of light is widely known on the night when the Kali Puja. Every Hindu house is lighted with numbers of lamps and a grand show of fire-works is held. 

Vaishnava festivals like Ras Purnima celebrated within the late autumn; Jhulan Purnima and Janmashtami celebrated in mid-monsoon, Dhulat Purnima in late winter are held at Nabadiwip and every one seats of vaishnava saints. The Holi festival is held on a full-moon day in early spring. This spring carnival in which men and women delight in daubing one another is celebrated with colours especially red. Rabindra Jayanti, falling on May 7 or 8 is the most widely observed with programmes of song, dance and drama composed by Tagore which run for days together. The birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose falls on January 23 and is considered a national holiday.


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