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The menace of Smartphones - Essay

The Menace of Smartphones

The menace of Smartphones - Essay

In the era of modern time, Smartphones have become the integral part of our daily life. There are already more smartphones than people in the world. The obsession with having a smartphone, and the network to be able to manage it, is amazing. Every person who owns a smartphone today is desperate to find a network. It is true that humans have created these devices. But it's almost like once someone owns this device; it takes over their life and starts owning them.

Excessive use of smartphones can cause serious damage to mental and physical health. Radiation from the device can also cause problems to the heart, brain, eyes, ears and skin. According to a study, too much blue light can accelerate the oxidation process, resulting in hyper-pigmentation. Experts say that oxidative stress causes inflammation and destroys the skin's barrier, making it prone to pigmentation, uneven skin tone, signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles.

Apart from this, the constant use of smartphones damages the attitude. More than the physical damage, the emotional damage they cause is alarming. According to a study, people who use smartphones in bed are more likely to suffer from insomnia, more likely to suffer from depression. The infamous Blue Whale game that killed hundreds of children and teenagers influenced their minds through mobile.

Smartphones have the potential to affect more people than any other device, with their apps, games and videos that can be harmful. We are aware of most of these effects, yet imagining a day without smartphones is scary for most of us.

However, most people would not think twice that a mobile phone is an integral part of our modern day life. There are many people who cannot imagine their life without mobile. But excessive use of smartphones can lead to mental disorders, anxiety, depression, loneliness etc.


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