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Paragraph Writing Topics

Paragraph Writing - Topics

Paragraph Writing -Topics

Topics 👇👇👇

👉 Flex Fuel - An alternative fuel to expensive petrol or diesel

👉  Digital Health ID Card: What is Digital Health ID Card?

👉  'Internet Blackout' (No Internet Connection)

👉   Safe Drive Save Life

👉   My Aim in Life

👉   The Position of Women

👉  Soil Pollution - its causes and effects

👉  Modern Life

👉   Sound Pollution

👉   Spring in Bengal

👉   'Television' and its impact on human life

👉   An Unusual day in English Class

👉   A Festival I Enjoyed

👉   The Role of Good Friend

👉   The Uses and Abuses of Television

👉   A Historical Place I Visited

👉   A Book I Have Recently Read and Enjoyed

👉   Dengue fever

👉   Early Rising

👉   Value of Time

👉   Seasons in Bengal

👉   Choice of Profession

👉  Drug Addiction

👉  Duties of Students

👉   Uses and Abuses of Plastic

👉   Child Labor

👉   Terrorism

👉   Environment Pollution

👉   Discipline

👉   Hobby

👉   My First day at School

👉   A Memorable in my Life

👉   The Value of Traveling

👉   Advantages of Morning Walk

👉   The Role of Computer

👉   Physical Exercise

👉   Midday Meal in School

👉   Newspaper

👉   Science and Superstition

👉   Evil –effects of Smoking

👉   Natural Calamities

👉   Moral Education

👉   Global Warming

👉   The Night before an Examination

👉   A Scene in the Examination Hall

👉   The Independence Day Celebration at Our School

👉   Vocational Education

👉   Price Rice of Essential Commodities

👉   Uses and Abuses of Mobile Phones

👉   My Favorite Hero

👉   My Favorite Author

👉   Festivals of Bengal

👉   Science in Everyday Life

👉   My Best Friend


My Best Friend

              Friendship is a noble relation. It is divine in nature. And friends are those who have relation with us by heart. However, true and good friends are very rare. Many bad people are there who beguile us acting as friends. But with the advent of peril they desert us. Those so-called friends are more dangerous than our known enemies. So, ‘prosperity gains friends, but adversity tries them’. Still there are many good and true friends. ‘A friend indeed is a friend in deed’. These friends are called our best friends.

               I regard Shibam Malhotra as my best friend. He has all the characteristics that a true friend should possess. His house is at a stone’s throw from mine and though we do not read in same school, we are friends from childhood. He always stood by me in my distress. He has bore my infirmity as well as he gets exalted in my prosperity. He is also polite in behaviour and is very modest. He is very much disciplined and always tries to remain neat and clean. He is good in studies and is also a good sportsman – in short he is a ‘jewel’. I often get amazed in the fact that how could one be an all round developed and efficient person both physically and mentally like him. All these qualities made Shibam my best friend.


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