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WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion - 2022

 2022 Madhyamik Suggestion

(English – B), WBBSE

WBBSE Madhyamik English Suggestion - 2022

* (One Star) indicates Important

** (Two Stars) indicate More Important

*** (Three Stars) indicate the Most Important

    Reading Comprehension (Seen)


    Father’s Help **

    The Passing away of Bapu *

    Our Runaway Kite ***


    Fable ***

    My Own True Family **

    Sea Fever *

    Reading Comprehension (Unseen)

    Note: The ‘Unseen’ passage may be the description of -





    Recent death of eminent persons



    Do as directed:

    (i) Let him do the work. (Change the voice)

    Answer: Let the work be done by him.

    (ii) I was helping the poor people. (Change the voice)

    Answer: The poor people were being helped by me.

    (iii) Mother said to her children, “what were you doing yesterday?” (Change the mode of narration)

    Answer: Mother asked her children what they had been doing the previous day.

    (iv) She said to me, “I shall help you.” (Change the mode of narration)

    Answer: She told me that she would help me.

    (v) Subham was one of the most Brilliant students in the class. (Change into comparative degree)

    Answer: Subam was more brilliant than most other students in the class.

    (vi) A tiger runs faster than a deer. (Change into positive degree)

    Answer: A deer does not run so fast as a tiger.

    (vii) The child saw a cockroach and shouted in fear. (Change into simple sentence)

    Answer: Seeing a cockroach the child shouted in fear.

    (viii) She answered confidently. (Use the noun form of ‘confidently’.)

    Answer: She answered with confidence.

    (ix) Tell me the truth. (Change into complex sentence)

    Answer: Tell me what the truth is.

    (x) As soon as he opened the window, he felt terribly cold. (Change into negative sentence)

    Answer: No sooner had he opened the window than he felt terribly cold.

    Phrasal verb (Set -1)

    (i) He reads the book.

    (ii) The man is in search of a job.

    (iii) The girl resembles her father.

    (iv) The son takes care of his old parents.

    (v) The police investigates the burglary case.

    (List: look for, look into, look after, take after, call up, go through)

    Phrasal Verb (Set -2)

    (i) He can remember the incident.

    (ii) The boy saves money every week.

    (iii) He established the school.

    (iv) The gentlemen left bad company.

    (v) A motor car emits carbon dioxide.

    (List: put by, put up, set up, give up, call up, give off)

    Correct forms of Verb (Set -1)

    Write the correct alternatives to fill in the blanks:

    While I ________ (was /had been /am) going through a forest, I saw a one eyed deer ________ (run /running) towards ______ (have got /got /will get) really scared.

    Correct forms of Verbs (Set -2)

    A poor young artist _______ (asked /was asked /has asked) to paint the portrait of a lady and he _______ (does /has done /did) his best to make a good likeness. When the portrait _________ (exhibited /was exhibited /had exhibited) to the lady’s friend, the friends were glad to see it.

    Writing Skill

    👉 Paragraph *

    👉 Biography ***

    👉 Letter writing **

    👉 Notice ***

    👉 Report ***

    👉 Story

    👉 Processing ***

    👉 Dialogue

    👉 Summary

    Biography Writing

    👉 MS Dhoni

    👉 Milkha Singh

    👉 Mahasweta Devi

    👉 Molana Abdul Kalam Azad

    👉 Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam

    👉 Mother Teresa

    👉 Satyajit Roy

    👉 Soumitra Chatterjee

    👉 Vidyasagar

    👉 Swami Vivekanana

    Notice Writing

    👉 Educational tour

    👉 Blood donation camp (school/ club)

    👉 Tree plantation programme

    👉 To help flood stricken people

    👉 To help the Amphan stricken people

    👉 Sit and draw competition

    👉 Debate competition

    👉 Covid-19 vaccination camp

    👉 Free health and eye check-up camp

    👉 Safe drinking water

    👉 Publication of school magazine

    👉 Independence Day celebration in school

    Process writing

    👉 Soap making

    👉 Preparation of cakes

    👉 Preparation of Phenyl

    👉 Hand  sanitizer making

    👉 Face mask

    👉 Orange juice

    👉 Publication of school magazine

    👉 How purified drinking water is supplied

    👉 How to wash clothes

    👉 Construction of building

    👉 Preparation of potato chips      

    Story writing

    👉 The farmer and his quarrelsome sons

    👉 The real mother

    👉 Robert Bruce and the Spider

    👉 The golden touch

    👉 The hidden treasure

    👉 That dishonest shop keeper

    👉 The woodcutter and the river goddess

    👉 The cows and the tiger

    👉 Bad company

    Letter writing

    Official letter

    👉 To the bank manager (new account open_ asking for ATM /changing branch)

    👉 To the post office

    👉 To the police station for losing anything

    👉 To the headmaster

    👉 To the Panchayet or municipality

    Paragraph writing

    👉 Your locality

    👉 Environment pollution

    👉 Your favourite season

    👉 Your experience during lockdown

    👉 In the second wave during Covid-19

    👉 The man you admire most

    👉 Merits and demerits of online classes

    👉 The book you have recently read

    👉 How you miss your school due to pandemic

    👉 Your experience of a boat journey

    👉 Festivals of Bengal

    👉 Reading newspaper is a good habit

    👉 Uses and abuses of mobile phones


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